First Web Company to provide Space to Web Host

Whether you’re a small business owner, an entrepreneur, a beginner or a web developer we are sure our managed web hosting Plan Crafts your needs.



/ Month

Plan to check the performance of  our web Server for 7 Days



/ Month

Plan suits for Small Business to host php, Perl, Ruby sites 



/ Month

Plan suits for Medium Business having 1million traffic

All plans also include:

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Web hosting is service that enables you to upload and store your websites HTML and related files on a web server.

We provide the space required to host all your website file ( php,rubu,phython) with minimum cost. This plan suits if you own any app and its requires backend host instead of using cloud storage you can opt this plan.

No, Server web host WordPress include cPanel. Instead we designed a single, customized dashboard to easily manage all your websites—without any cPanel hassle.  SFTP and database access will be provided.

No , you can buy domain from your side or we can help you to buy the domain. Refer Domain Policy for more details.

Database will have maximum of 1 GB storage.

No, the sub domain will have max of 1GB disk space, 1GB bandwidth and 1 database. At any time the overall disk space & database should not exceed 5GB.

Prime & Solo Plan will get two business mail but Prime will get its own host mail server for its mailing service like and Solo Plan will use Sky free mail server.

Up to 2 users, 5GB/User, 25MB attachment limit, Overall Storage 10GB, 300 Email Sends Per Hour.

You can send and receive emails using any desktop-based email client such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, Entourage, Windows Mail, etc. We also have a guide on how you can configure different email clients to send/receive emails. The Business Email product supports the POP and IMAP protocols.

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