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Contrary to what people may assume, no one specific genre of music is more effective than other genres; rather the benefits of all genres are backed by science. Unable to afford costly clinical services in Washington, DC, she sought a community of people to understand and support her as she navigated eating disorder recovery. Our free, Eating Disorders Helpline is available for treatment referrals, support and encouragement, and general questions about eating disorders.

Our unique, affordable and holistic counseling services combine clinical care and peer support to help you find healing and freedom from any type of eating disorder. Callie began struggling with an eating disorder in high school and wasn’t sure recovery would ever be possible for her. Then she joined Rock’s Bridge to Life body image therapy group with the help of sliding scale financial assistance and the community of women she encountered changed her life. Give today to help more individuals and their families access the life-saving eating disorder therapy and support they need to live happy and full lives. At Rock 4 Recovery, we’re all about celebrating life and the power of recovery from substance use disorders.

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  2. Often those needs include improving mood, enhancing quality of life, strengthening coping skills, encouraging emotional expression and relieving stress and anxiety.
  3. The problem is, robust eating disorder care can be hard to find and expensive, which can make you feel like recovery will never be within your reach.

It was in Rock’s Breaking Bread program that she finally found a safe place to heal, a place free of judgment. Children are among those injured in the shooting incident and fire at the Crocus City Hall concert centre, Russia’s state-owned Ria news agency is reporting. Russia’s Tass state news agency is reporting that Putin has wished all those injured in the emergency at Crocus City Hall a speedy recovery and conveyed his gratitude to the doctors. Learn about peer support, addiction, RCOs, recovery capital, and more.

In order to break free from obsessive thoughts around food, exercise and body image, you need quality eating disorder therapy and a community that understands what you’re going through. We offer nationwide faith-based support groups for individuals who desire to integrate their Christian faith into the recovery journey. Just looking for support or live outside of our service areas?

Proceeds from this substance-free concert will help raise awareness about the importance of seeking help and support for those struggling. Additionally, the funds raised will help ensure that people in financial distress can access recovery services for themselves and their families. Although it’s quite different from engaging with music as a form of entertainment, music therapy sessions do include different ways of interacting with music, including listening to, writing, or performing songs. Unlike passively absorbing music, though, music therapy accomplishes specific, therapeutic goals based on an individual’s psychological, physical, cognitive and emotional needs. Often those needs include improving mood, enhancing quality of life, strengthening coping skills, encouraging emotional expression and relieving stress and anxiety.

The History of Rock to Recovery: Wesley “Wes” Greer’s Story of Fame, Addiction & Finding Solace in Music

A cargo ship struck the bridge on Tuesday morning and it presumably cost the lives of six construction workers who were on the road on the bridge filling potholes when the bridge collapsed. The victims of the terrorist attack are being is there a connection between narcissism and alcoholism rushed to hospitals in Krasnogorsk, Khimki and Odintsovo. If it can be established that these terrorists were from the Kyiv regime, it’s impossible to deal with them and those who have been inspired by their ideology any other way.

Our vision is for a world where eating disorders are understood, and the journey to freedom is fully supported. For centuries, recovery centers have used detox, behavioral counseling, medication, and long-term follow-up to treat addiction. But these conventional approaches are not the only methods that clients can experience successfully during the recovery process. Less conventional techniques, like mindfulness and exercise, can be effective too, especially when used in conjunction with traditional methods.

Putin says radical Islamists carried out Moscow attack but maintains suggestion of Ukraine role

So book your free consultation today to stop struggling through recovery alone and finally break free from disordered eating and body image issues. The Russian rock band Piknik have not been able to contact one of its members since the attack at the Crocus City Hall, where the band were due to play, its managing director has told Russia’s Tass state news agency. Russia’s foreign ministry spokesperson, Maria Zakharova, has called on the international how to make yourself pee 9 remedies and techniques community to condemn the “monstrous crime” following the gun attacks at a concert hall near Moscow, Reuters reports. We are passionate about engaging communities and collaborating, not competing, with other organizations, individuals, and treatment providers helping those struggling with disordered eating. This unique process also allows our clients to learn new instruments and discover new skills in a fun, social environment.

Integrate faith into your recovery journey by joining one of our nationwide faith-based support groups today. Start your journey to freedom today by clicking the button below to schedule your free consultation. Our non-profit entity proudly accepts donations to help further our cause, helping people recover through music! Donations finance our efforts to bring our music program to people and facilities that typically do not have funding for our services. For someone in recovery, learning to have clean and sober fun, feeling a part of, connecting to a group, and quieting the mind are keys to a successful new life. For many Americans, substance use begins during their teenage years, when experimentation and overuse are often encouraged.

We do this by creating a “band” and writing and recording songs together with Rock to Recovery’s staff of professional musicians, who are also in recovery. We help bring fun into treatment and recovery by offering a natural escape from the fear-based mind. We help to vent emotions by writing lyrics and singing together for release, in real-time. We tie in a positive theme of hope in recovery throughout the whole process. When the session is done, our “band” members feel a new energy all throughout their minds and spirits. At Rock Recovery, we know how isolating and overwhelming the eating disorder recovery journey can be.

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Our staff and clients have seen particular success with Rock to Recovery, a program that uses the healing powers of music to provide hope, friendship and a creative outlet throughout the addiction recovery process. It’s a rock and roll version of music therapy created as a result of musician Wesley Greer’s own recovery experience. We’re on a mission to provide educational resources to reduce the stigma around mental illness, increase access to care and educate the local community about eating disorders. Rock to Recovery was created to help soothe the restless souls of those in recovery.

It may include a therapist, the appropriate local 12-step hotline, and more. Many, if not most, people leaving treatment find the idea of calling those numbers overwhelming. This activated, meditative breathing technique has a way of giving people an unexpected entry point into a deeper state of consciousness, often resulting in profound breakthroughs. Every client benefits from a fully personalized treatment and plan of care, helping them recover and reach their unique goals. We pride ourselves on creating a warm, relaxed recovery environment where our clients can show their true selves.

“Keep rocking out, it works if you ROCK IT!”

The Russian national guard is searching for those who attacked the Crocus City Hall concert centre near Moscow, Russian news agencies are reporting. Dozens of people have reportedly been killed and more than 100 wounded in an attack at a concert venue near Moscow. Russian state news agency RIA on Saturday quoted a spokesperson for the country’s Investigative Committee as saying it was too early to say anything about the fate of the attackers. Russia’s Investigative Committee said on Saturday that more than 60 people had been killed in the attack on the concert near Moscow, according to Reuters. CCAPP offers a continuum of credentials for addiction and behavioral health peers and professionals.

We offer a variety of outpatient eating disorder therapy services for adolescents 14+ and adults 18+ in DC, VA and MD who want to break free from their eating disorder and live their lives to the full. We believe it is critical to care for the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. We also offer nationwide faith-based support groups for individuals who seek to integrate their faith into the recovery process. Click here to learn more about all of our therapy and support services. Our doors are open to all who wish to partake in their journey to freedom with us without regard to religion, race, or any other factor. Our eating disorder therapy services are weight-inclusive and trauma-informed.

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